Readiness Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) Grant

The Brockton Public School District was awarded $299,310.00 for the Readiness Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) grant through the Department of Education. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has provided a model to address emergency preparedness.


Prevention-Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery. These should be incorporated into all school, district, or campus emergency management plans. The phases are defined as:

  • Prevention-Mitigation: Identifying all potential hazards and vulnerabilities and reducing the potential damage they can cause;
  • Preparedness: Collaborating with community partners to develop plans and protocols to prepare for the possibility that the identified hazards, vulnerabilities or emergencies will occur;
  • Response: Working closely with first responders and community partners to effectively contain and resolve an emergency in, or around, a school or campus; and
  • Recovery: Teaming with community partners to assist students and staff in the healing process, and restore a healthy and safe learning environment following an emergency event.

REMS Objectives

The REMS grant was awarded to Brockton Public School District in September, 2010 and the term of the grant is 24 months, ending September 2012.

Objectives of the REMS grant:

  • Outreach to Private Schools
  • Develop multi-level training schedule
  • Train new district staff, ERT and CMT members (28) in four phases of REMS, developing REMS Plans and NIMS
  • Update written plan for infectious disease/pandemic
  • Create Crisis Response Kits
  • Conduct 2nd building drill evaluation by Leadership Team
  • Analyze data from drills to make plans for next year
  • Model safety/vulnerability assessment with goal of ERT conducting their own evaluations next time
  • Update district Emergency Response Plan and Classroom Emergency Procedures Guide
  • Distribute emergency planning curriculum resources to teachers
  • Train school staff on Emergency Response Plan and procedures
  • Identify special needs students with disabilities requiring specialized assistance in emergencies
  • Train school staff in assisting disabled staff and students in an emergency
  • Develop BPS website posting of emergency procedures for students and parents
  • Distribute to parents emergency planning tips and procedures connected to home and school
  • Create an Advisory Team and host monthly then transition to quarterly meetings (Community Partners)
  • Produce web-based video training for ERT’s, parent/child safety tips, translated programming
  • Add Approved Food Defense Plan to Brockton’s Emergency Response Plan
  • Train Staff members as NIMS instructors
  • Attend Emergency Management for Schools and Grant Orientation meeting
  • Attend OSDFS National Conference
  • Prepare and present quarterly progress reports to Leadership Team, School Committee and BEMA
  • Submit annual report and final report to Leadership Team, School Committee, BEMA and OSDFS

District Emergency Plan

The District Wide Emergency Plan is in draft form at this time and will be added as an attachment upon approval by all required District members.

School Crisis Response Plan Template

The School Crisis Response Templates are in draft form at this time and will be added as an attachment upon approval by all required District members.

Crisis Response Video

The Crisis Response Video will be completed by the end of the grant period with the assistance of media services and posted to this page for viewing.