District Meal Policies

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What is the cost of the student meal?

Elementary Lunch$2.65
Middle School Lunch$2.80
High School Lunch$2.80

How does a student pay for his/her meal?

Parents are encouraged to put money on their child's account by sending a check to schools made out to "Brockton School Foodservice." Students can also purchase meals with cash.

Automated System

The BPS Distrit implemented a new computerize system that will keep track of prepayments and purchases. With a pre-paid balance, you and your child can utilize the advantages of the "cashless" system. Your child's Picture ID card is all he/she needs.

Send cash or check into any of the school cafeterias to be deposited in your child's account for meals only OR general account where your child can purchase any foods offered. If an account is not specified, prepayment will be deposited in the General account.

Prepayment money is available instantly once entered on your child's account.

How do you handle students with food allergies or other dietary problems?

Parents of children with either a food-related allergy or sensitivity should provide written documentation to the school nurse. Pertinent information will then be forwarded to the foodservice department. This will contain a physician's signed statement which will include

  • an explanation of the disability, food allergy and/or food intolerance
  • the food or foods to be avoided, and
  • the food or choice of foods that must be substituted.

From this point, the parent and child should review the monthly menu and discuss possible meal selections. Contact your child's school nurse to discuss if any of the selections would be prohibited. Reasonable accommodations will be made so that your child receives a nutritious complete meal.

Is milk the only beverage allowed with the meal?

In accordance to the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) nutritional guidelines, milk must be included as part of the meal. Offer versus Serve allows the student to decline any two food items of the five that are offered as part of the meal.

Students are encouraged to take milk with their meal.

Aren't junk foods, such as soda and candy, available to the students during the school day?

No. Foods designated by the USDA as foods of minimal nutritional value (FMNV) cannot be sold during the meal period in areas where the school meals are served and eaten.

Are other foods sold during the school meal?

The USDA defines foods "sold in competition with the school meal program" as competitive foods. These foods might be sold as ala Carte menu items and snack foods and beverages. Examples of ala Carte and snack foods eligible for sale as competitive foods include, but are not limited to: cookies, desserts, chips and pretzels, fruit bars, bottled water, bottled juice and bottled milk. The option to have these items available to students is decided upon by the Local Educational Agency (LEA.)

United State Department of Agriculture requires that "No extra food items anywhere on campus from ½ hour before and after any state or federally subsidized milk or food service program can be sold. Extra foods means tea (including iced tea), coffee, soft drinks, and candy. Income from sales of any foods served on campus during this time must accrue to the food service account."