Eat, Learn, and Live

Each year at the elementary level, students follow an adventure of fun and nutrition education with the help of Theodore Eat, Sydney C. Learn and Ava Live who will help teach students how to EAT, LEARN & LIVE. These friends are representatives of nutrition and healthy living.

Image: collage of Chartwell's cartoon characters smiling at children
Nourishing your students is more than our business. Whether you call it a mission, a philosophy, or a passion, it's hard to sum up in a word. So we used three.

As a single minded commitment to building strong bodies and sharp minds, Eat. Learn. Live. helps establish the foundation for a long healthier life. Our diverse family of food and nutrition specialists bring fun, healthy dining to the academic community. Over the years we have become experts in the nutrition and well-being of some very important children: your own.

Today, students are hungry for healthy, satisfying meals. They eat fast and they work hard. From kindergarten to high school, our nutrition specialists and chefs are passionate about preparing the balanced choices your students need to succeed. From our customized menus and meal plans to the snacks in our vending machines, we take feeding your students very seriously.

Image: Eat-Learn-Live, Chartwell's meme.Learn.
We also feed hungry minds, because without a well-balanced diet, students simply don't learn as well. We do realize, however, that in an academic environment, learning transcends mealtime. In order to make good decisions about the foods they eat, students need two things: healthy options and the insight to choose wisely. the ongoing nutrition education of our associates helps ensure that the food they prepare is as good as it tastes. And through a wide array of classroom and dining initiatives, we are able to encourage a sound foundation of good eating habits that will help your students live long, healthy lives.

A full life may begin with a balanced meal, but it doesn't end there. Chartwells looks beyond the dining environment and into the surrounding community. From worthy humanitarian causes to responsible environmental stewardship, we work earnestly to build a tighter relationship with the world around us. We've found the easiest way to teach responsibility is to take it. Eat. Learn. Live.