Brockton, Massachusetts
Regular School Committee Meeting
October 3, 2017 -- MINUTES

The Regular Meeting of the Brockton School Committee was held this evening in the George M. Romm Little Theatre at Brockton High School, at seven o'clock. These minutes contain a summary of the meeting and list items that were under discussion.

Present: Mr. Minichiello, Vice-chair; Ms. Asack, Mr. D’Agostino, Mr. Gormley,
Ms. Plant, Mrs. Sullivan, Mr. Sullivan, Superintendent Smith

Absent: Mayor Carpenter

Also Present: Executive Team Members

Mr. Minichiello called the meeting to order at 7:07 p.m. followed by a salute to the flag. He asked those in attendance to remain standing for a moment of silence to remember victims and all those affected by the October 1st mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Mr. Minichiello announced that the Mayor was unexpectedly called to a serious public safety issue and would not be in attendance this evening.

Hearing of Visitors Frances Arriaga, pastor of a local church and mother of a former BHS student killed in a car accident earlier this year, addressed the committee on the topic of educating students about reckless driving. She asked the committee and the Superintendent for help to create a pathway into the schools for her to bring the message of safety. Ms. Arriaga followed with a one-minute public service announcement that was put together by herself, students and the assistance of BHS staff, the video won first place in the state.

Mr. Minichiello thanked Ms. Arriaga and told the committee that this would be a topic for a safety/security/ transportation subcommittee meeting.

Consent Agenda Mr. Minichiello explained the purpose of the Consent Agenda and asked members if there were any requests to remove items for further discussion, Mr. D’Agostino removed Item I, Home Education requests.

Mr. Sullivan moved to accept the Superintendent's recommendation on the following remaining items from the Consent Agenda, the motion was seconded by Mr. Gormley:
• Approval of September 6, 2017 Regular School Committee Meeting Minutes
• Authorization to submit FY18 MA Early College Preliminary Designation Grant
• Authorization to submit FY18 First Language Not English Grant
• Authorization to submit FY18 MA Skills Capital Grant Program

Voted: to approve the motion, unanimous.

With respect to Item A, Home Education Requests, Mr. D’Agostino asked whether there has been an increase in parents homeschooling their children and if so, for what reasons. The Superintendent responded there are many reasons parents choose to homeschool and she will get data with respect to numbers. She added that homeschooled children are not required to pass a competency exam, they only need to show progress. Mr. Sullivan asked about Chapter 70 funds for homeschooled students, the Superintendent responded that the district does not receive funds, however, there is a state-sanctioned virtual school that receives Chapter 70 money, those students must pass MCAS.

Mr. D’Agostino moved to approve Item A, 2017-2018 Home Education Requests; the motion was seconded by Ms. Asack and the vote was unanimous.

Superintendent's Superintendent Smith began her report with a slide show highlighting two events she
Report attended today, a performance by Chinese dancers and musicians sponsored by UMASS Confucius Institute that was attended by middle and high school students who are studying the Chinese language, and the rededication of the Kevin Riley Playground at the Barrett Russell School.

Grade 2 Student Joshua Ostenberg – the Superintendent invited Joshua to come before school committee to be recognized for his generosity, he donated his birthday money to the Hurricane Relief drive at his school. The Superintendent made a small presentation to Joshua and told him that he is representative of the generosity of all our students.

Chartwells Food Services was recognized by the committee for two awards: Director Tom Burke was chosen from among 150 managers in the northeast as Regional Salaried Associate of the Year, and the Brockton Chartwells Team was named National 2017 Be-A-Start Account of the Year. The Superintendent and Mr. Minichiello congratulated Mr. Burke and expressed their appreciation for Chartwells partnership with the school district.

Regional Vice President Eric Pimental and Regional Manager Erin Burke presented the national award to Chartwells team members Mr. Burke, Ken Dube, Tom McNeely and Mike Dobrowolski. He said this is the second time Brockton has won this award. Following the presentation, Ms. Long showed a video of the recent Mobile Teaching Kitchen event held at Brockton High School.

Administrative Appointments
The Superintendent announced the appointment of three Associate Principals: Jaime Estee at West Middle School, John Lynch at South Middle School, and Eileen McQuaid will support the alternative programs and the Ashfield School. The Superintendent said she is wants to hire one more associate principal and will be looking for additional grant money.

Kevin Riley Playground Rededication
The Superintendent announced that a rededication of the sway fun playground was held today, she asked Mr. Sullivan to talk more about it. Mr. Sullivan said he was very pleased with the new playground at the Barrett Russell and it exceeded his expectations. Mr. D’Agostino said he was able to attend and commended staff, faculty and parents for coming together during the school moves.

• The Superintendent reported that the district has decided that all students in grades 4,5,7 and 8 will take the MCAS assessment on-line, reasoning that students will be better prepared for online testing; in 2019 our grade 10 students will be required to take the computer-based test. She said we are not yet at one-to-one devices but continue to work with the Mayor and technology director Dan Vigeant.
• The Superintendent shared information from Acting Commissioner of Education Jeff Wulfson who has advised districts about the possibility of accepting students coming from storm-ravaged Puerto Rico, and the students’ rights under the McKinney Vento Act. She said some superintendents have requested flexibility with the October 1st enrollment reporting date in the case of a large influx of students.

• Our October 1, 2017 enrollment stands at 17,072, with 1,276 kindergarten students.
• The Diversity Task Force has met on the first Monday of every month is moving forward with initiatives that support diversity issues in our schools, they are currently in the process of adopting a set of by-laws for the task force.
• The Kennedy School celebrated a $2,000 corporate grant brought to us by Representatives Cronin and Cassidy, they will use this to purchase Engineering is Elementary kits for the school.
• Advocacy - we continue to look for business partnerships and are encouraging principals to seek partnerships and corporate sponsors as well. The school department will have a table at the Metro South legislative luncheon in November.
• The Massachusetts PTA organization will hold its 2nd Annual Health Summit on November 16th
• Staff Appreciation Night is Friday, October 13th, from 6 to 7 p.m., followed by a football game then a fundraiser for Brockton sports.

Extended Day Rate Increase
Mr. Minichiello reported that the finance committee was presented with a request from Smart Start Extended Day Coordinator Patti Dupuy with respect to a rate increase being imposed by the state; in order to avoid losing the grant the committee reluctantly voted to implement the rate increase as follows:
Before School $7.94 daily to $8.42 daily
After School $16.68 daily to $17.68 daily
Before and After School $24.63 daily to $26.11 daily
Full day rate (vacations and Summer) $33.60 daily to $35.62 daily

Mr. Sullivan moved to approve the report given by given by Mr. Minichiello; the motion was seconded by Mr. D’Agostino.

Voted: to approve the report, unanimous.

Ms. Plant reluctantly moved to adopt the rate increase as presented; Mr. D’Agostino seconded the motion.

Voted: to approve the motion, unanimous.

Items to Refer to Mr. Minichiello asked the Superintendent whether she felt the committee needed to
to Subcommittee convene another Superintendent Contract subcommittee meeting; Superintendent responded that a meeting will be needed to conduct her evaluation and to set goals.

New Business Mr. D’Agostino wanted to make people aware that the Accounts Review subcommittee, in looking at the bills, continues to look for ways to save money in the district. He said most recently the committee asked the district to look into a less-expensive cell phone contract which unfortunately, did not provide the level of service required.

Report of the October 3, 2017 Finance Meeting
Mr. Minichiello reported that earlier this evening the Finance subcommittee met and approved a recommendation from the Superintendent to reinstate the following positions:
three certified staff (one art, one health, and one social studies teacher), two school adjustment counselors and eleven paraprofessionals. The committee also approved the

Superintendent’s recommendation for $6,792 to be used to reinstate the JV Hockey Program.

Ms. Plant moved to approve the report; Mr. D’Agostino seconded the motion.

Voted: to approve the report, unanimous.

Ms. Asack moved to ratify the subcommittees recommendations to reinstate the positions and programs as listed by Mr. Minichiello; Mr. Sullivan seconded the motion.
Voted: to approve the motion, unanimous.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:21 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen A. Smith, JD
Superintendent/ Secretary