Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


Brockton Public Schools ensures that parents can participate fully with school personnel in the development of appropriate educational programs for their child. The school shall provide timely access to parents for observations of a child's current and/or proposed program, including both academic and non-academic components. The observation shall be of sufficient duration and extent to enable the parent or parent designee to evaluate a child's performance in a current program and the ability of a proposed program to enable such child to make effective progress.

Assigning students to a particular classroom is the responsibility of the building principal/ administrator. Therefore, no conditions or restrictions shall be imposed, except those that are necessary to ensure the safety and confidentiality of children or the integrity of the program.


  1. Requests for observations shall be made to the Principal. The Principal or designee shall acknowledge all written requests within two school days by contacting the parent to review the request and to discuss the specifics or the extent and duration of the observation.
  2. Classroom observations will take place at a mutually agreed upon date and time of day.
  3. The duration and extent of an observation shall be determined in advance and on an individual basis with consideration given to the complexity of the student's needs and the need to minimize disruption to the learning environment
  4. Prior to and during a classroom observation, all protections to ensure the safety and confidentiality of children and the integrity of the program must be considered. In the event of a building emergency or a disruption that impacts the physical or emotional well being of the student population in the program being observed, the Principal or designee may cancel and/or reschedule the observation.
  5. Observers are not permitted to tape record or videotape observations and/or a school program.
  6. Permission from a parent, guardian and/or educational surrogate parent is required before a parent designee can observe a student's classroom or program.