Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


The Brockton Public Schools utilizes an approach to curriculum improvement that is based on clearly identified and documented student needs. The essential elements of this approach consist of:

  1. Specification of Brockton’s Educational Goals and Objectives
  2. Assessment of the present status of students relative to the goals and objectives
  3. Identification and documentation of students needs
  4. Development and/or selection of programs that will meet these needs
  5. Program implementation (including in-service training)
  6. Program evaluation (utilization of outside evaluators or in-house models)
  7. Continuation, modification or elimination of the program (based on evaluative findings)

The process by which change takes place depends on a carefully designed needs assessment. The instructional program under review must have clearly stated goals and objectives. Other factors such as time allotment, availability of funds, and the readiness of the staff to accept and support the program change must be carefully considered.

Constant adaptation and development of the curriculum is necessary if the System is to meet the needs of the students in its schools. To be successful, curriculum development must be a collaborative enterprise involving staff and administrators utilizing their professional expertise and gathering input from parents and community.

The Committee expects its faculty and administration to regularly evaluate the education program and to recommend modifications of practice and changes in curriculum content as well as the addition or deletion of courses to the instructional program.