Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


The vision of the Brockton Public Schools is to ensure all individuals optimum opportunities to become life long learners and active contributors to our global society by creating a dynamic learning environment that is the focus and pride of our community. As described in the Common Core of Learning and the Curriculum Frameworks, all students should have access to the richness of technological resources and through hands-on learning be able to apply technology and technological principles to solve problems in their daily lives and enrich their learning. In addition to enriching time and learning, the infusion of technological resources will improve administrative and management effectiveness at the system, school, and classroom levels. We are committed to providing substantive professional development opportunities for all teachers in the use of technology.

The plan provides access to current technology, stimulates creativity, problem solving, and decision making, makes technology an integral part of the classroom experience, prepares students to successfully enter the workforce or post secondary education.