Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


As required by law, the School Committee will annually prior to March 1 determine the number of school-age children of limited English-speaking ability residing in the city. Whenever there are more than 20 such children of one language group (excluding children in parochial schools) the School Committee will provide a program in transitional bilingual education.

Any child whose primary language is other than English and who has difficulty performing ordinary class work in English may participate in these classes. The classes will consist of students of approximately the same age and level of educational attainment. Classes may also be offered in preschool and summer school programs.

Within ten days after a student's enrollment in the transitional bilingual educational program, the student's parents or guardian will be provided with, in both English and their native language, the following information:

  1. A clear statement of the purpose, method, and content of the transitional bilingual education program.
  2. A statement of parental rights, which include:

    1. Visits to the transitional bilingual classes
    2. Conferences with school personnel
    3. Right to withdraw the student at any time upon written notification to the school authorities

Bilingual Education in Spanish, Cape Verdean and Haitian is offered to limited English speaking students in grades K through 12. The program allows students to progress normally in all major academic areas through instruction in their native language while they gain proficiency in English.

The student will remain in the Bilingual Program for a period of three years or until such time as he/she achieves a level of English language skills which will enable him/her to perform successfully in classes in which instruction is given only in English, whichever shall first occur.

The offering of this program makes it necessary to provide sufficient numbers of bilingual teachers and paraprofessionals to implement it. The School Committee will make every effort to recruit and develop a highly qualified and motivated staff to carry out this program.