Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


  1. Elementary School

    A suggested time allotment for each subject area will be developed and reviewed annually by the staff and administration. Should this schedule not meet the needs of a particular building the following procedures should be followed:

    1. The building educational planning team should meet with the director, coordinator, or department head whose program will be affected by the change of a new time allotment schedule.
    2. Approval of any changes in the time allotment schedule must be obtained, in writing, from the Senior Director of Curriculum.
  2. Junior High School

    Students who are not placed in clusters will be grouped homogeneously according to the following objective criteria:

    1. Standard tests
    2. Teacher recommendations
    3. Past performance

    All students are assigned to special subjects - music, health, art, physical education and technology education - without regard to aptitude. The core curriculum for the 7th and 8th grade is:

    Grade 7 - Required Subjects

    Grade 8 - Required Subjects

  3. Senior High School

    In order to graduate from Brockton High School, each student must complete four years of high school and ninety-five points of credit. He/she must also meet the following graduation requirements:

    Brockton High School Minimum Graduation Requirements by Graduating Class and Course

    Class of 1998 1999 2000 2001
    Physical Education 4.5 5.5 5 4.5
    English 21 19 17 18
    Social Science 15
    5 in US History
    6 in US History
    6 in US History
    6 in US History
    Mathematics 10 15 15 15
    Science 10 15 15 15
    Health 2 2 2 3
    Electives 32.5 23.5 26 24.5
    Totals 95 95 95 95