Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


The Brockton Public Schools provides access to technology in order to enhance digital literacy for all students and staff. As educators we must: expose students to available technologies, encourage exploration, promote digital citizenship and ensure students have opportunities to demonstrate technological skill in preparation for life after school.

The Brockton Public Schools will work with families to convey expectations children should follow when using media and information sources. To that end, families should be aware that Brockton Public Schools intends to incorporate network use, internet access and email in the grade levels identified below. The Brockton Public Schools utilizes CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act) compliant blocking and/or filtering safeguards required by law, and will make every reasonable effort to minimize the chance or exposure to objectionable material on the Internet. These measures, coupled with user education, implementation of this policy and grade-appropriate supervision, the Brockton Public Schools believes that the Internet can be safely used to enhance the delivery of educational services.

  1. Grades Kindergarten through Three: Students at these grade levels will not have individual computer network passwords or e-mail accounts. During school time, teachers of students in Grades Kindergarten through Three will guide them toward appropriate materials. Web access at these grade levels will be limited to teacher-directed and teacher-demonstrated use. Students will not be conducting independent research on the Internet, nor will they be sending or receiving electronic mail independently.
  2. Grades Four and Five. Students in grades four and five will be given individual network access and passwords. Students at these grade levels will not be issued individual e-mail accounts. Students at these grade levels may have the opportunity to conduct research via the Web in the classroom, and to access electronic mail for a group account, during directly supervised instruction.
  3. Grades six through twelve. Students in grades six through twelve will be given individual network access passwords and receive individual e-mail accounts. Students at these grade levels will have the opportunity to access the internet and conduct independent, self-directed research, both during classroom instruction and outside of classroom. This will be under the direct or indirect supervision of a teacher or staff member.

In order for students to be granted independent access to the internet or individual e-mail accounts, they must agree to and abide by the Guidelines for Student Use. For students under 18, parents must sign the Brockton Public Schools Responsible Use Agreement form before students will be permitted to gain independent access to the internet or individual email accounts. If the Brockton Public Schools does not receive a signed user agreement students will continue to have the opportunity to access the internet during supervised classroom instruction.

Guidelines for Student Use

Access to BPS' computer network, including the Internet, is a privilege, not a right. The use of the network must be consistent with, and directly related to, the educational objectives of the Brockton Public Schools. A violation of the terms of this Responsible Use Policy may result in suspension or termination of network access privileges and may also result in other disciplinary action consistent with the disciplinary policies of the Brockton Public Schools. Further action may include criminal prosecution where applicable. The Brockton Public Schools will cooperate fully with law enforcement officials in any investigation relating to misuse of the Brockton Public Schools computer network.

The Brockton Public Schools is committed to providing ongoing educational support to students around responsible digital citizenship. Before being permitted to access the Brockton Public Schools email system, all students are required to complete the Brockton Student Responsible Use Policy and Guideline Tutorial. Once completed, the student will be given grade-appropriate access to technologies. With this access, students are expected to adhere to the guidelines outlined in the BPS Responsible Use Policy and Guidelines.

  1. Violations of this Responsible Use Policy include, but are not limited to, the following conduct:

    1. Cyberbullying, using profane, vulgar, threatening, defamatory, abusive, discriminatory, harassing or otherwise objectionable or criminal language in a public or private message.
    2. Sending messages or posting information that would likely result in the loss of a recipient's work or system (e.g., viruses, malicious scripts).
    3. Participating in unauthorized activities which would cause congestion of the network or interfere with the work of others such as the use of prohibited file sharing sites.
    4. Using the network in a manner that would violate any U.S. or state law. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrighted material, threatening material and spreading of computer viruses.
    5. Accessing or transmitting materials that are obscene, sexually explicit, or without re-deeming educational value.
    6. Attempting to harm, modify, or disseminate another user's personal information including passwords.
    7. Attempting to gain unauthorized access to system programs or computer equipment, including attempts to override, or to encourage others to override, any security established on the network.
    8. Using social networking sites, discussion groups, chat rooms, instant messaging, or other forms of online conversation except with prior staff approval and for educational purposes only.
  2. The Brockton Public Schools assumes no responsibility for:

    1. Any unauthorized charges or fees, including telephone charges, long distance charges, per minute surcharges and/or equipment or line costs.
    2. Any financial obligations arising out of unauthorized use of the system for the purchase of products or services.
    3. Any cost, liability or damages caused by a user's violation of these guidelines.
  3. The Brockton Public Schools makes no guarantee, implied or otherwise, regarding the reliability of the data connection. The Brockton Public Schools shall not be liable for any loss or corruption of data resulting while using the network.
  4. All messages and information created, sent or retrieved on the network are the property of Brockton Public Schools. The Brockton Public Schools reserves the right to access and monitor all messages and files on the computer system, including web pages accessed, as it deems necessary and appropriate in the ordinary course of its business for purposes including, but not limited to, ensuring proper use of resources, investigating allegations of improper use and conducting routine network maintenance. By participating in the school district's computer network, users are indicating their consent to such monitoring and access. Where appropriate, communications including text and images may be disclosed to law enforcement or other third parties without prior consent of the sender or receiver.
  5. Any users caught illegally obtaining software or transferring such software through the network may have their accounts revoked. In such an event, the user's network access will be limited to directly supervised use during classroom instruction. In addition, all users should be aware that software piracy is a federal offense and is punishable by a fine or imprisonment.
  6. Should a user, while using the Brockton Public Schools Technology Network, encounter any material that s/he feels may constitute a threat against the safety of fellow students, staff members or the property of the Brockton Public Schools, that user is obligated to report his/her discovery of such material to a teacher or to his/her principal.
  7. Any user who is issued a usemame and password must ensure that they protect that usemame and password and refrain from sharing it with anyone. If a user believes their usemame and password has been compromised or knowingly or unknowingly shared, that user is obligated to share thjs information with a teacher or his/her principal so that the password and/or user name shall be changed
  8. The Brockton Public Schools reserves the right to seek restitution from any user for costs incurred by the district, including legal fees, due to such user's inappropriate use of electronic resources considered confidential.
  9. Any user who chooses to bring their own device (BYOD) and accesses the BPS network through that personal device is expected to adhere to the BPS Responsible Use Policy and Guidelines.
  10. The Brockton Public Schools administration reserves the right to amend this policy at any time without prior notice.