Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


The Brockton School Committee is dedicated to providing the most beneficial educational experience for all Brockton Public School students. The certified staff of the school system will use the School Committee's established standards to place students at the grade level which is best suited to their academic, social and emotional growth and development. Building principals will direct and aid teachers in their evaluations of students, will review teacher recommendations for student grade level placements and will supervise the provisions made within the building for additional instructional supports during the academic year for those students who are at-risk. It is expected that parents will continuously participate in the process. Principals will work with the Committee on Promotion and Retention to determine the most appropriate grade level placement for students who fail to meet the established standards.

Students are expected to progress through the grades annually with their chronological peers. The School Committee has established standards that schools will use in either promoting or retaining students for an additional year of instruction. Except in extraordinary circumstances, the School Committee will provide only one additional year of instruction at the elementary level (Grades 1 - 6) and only one additional year of instruction at the secondary level (Grades 7 - 12).

To determine whether or not a student has met the School Committee's standards for promotion to the next grade level, the student's classroom teachers, Educational Planning Team members and building principal will first utilize the Student Product Standard (all available information, including curriculum-based assessment, portfolios, and other informal measures of skill and content mastery, and grades and credits at the secondary level), as well as student attendance, and any other factors impacting upon student achievement, before considering referral for promotion or retention. Secondly, the results from citywide and state-mandated standardized testing programs (the Testing Standard) must be factored into the decision.

Appeals Process:

An appeal of promotion and retention decisions may be made in writing to the Deputy Superintendent of Schools who will make the final decision in all appeals cases.