Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


Certain assignments require extra responsibility or extra time over and above that required of other staff members who are on the same position on the basic salary schedule. When such supplemental assignments require extra time and responsibility beyond that regularly expected of teachers, they would be rewarded with extra compensation.

The Committee will designate assignments that are to be accorded extra compensation. Appointments to these positions will be made by the Superintendent for systemwide positions or by the principal with the approval of the Superintendent for building based personnel. The Committee will establish the amount of compensation for the position at the time the position is created.

A teacher who is offered and undertakes a supplementary pay assignment will receive a supplementary contract specifying the pay, duration and terms of the assignment. If a teacher will not be extended the assignment for the following school year but will remain on the teaching staff, he or she will be so notified in writing prior to the expiration of the contract. Upon termination of the assignment, the supplementary pay will cease.