Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


It is the responsibility of the Superintendent, with the assistance of the administrative staff, to determine the personnel needs of the school system and it is the responsibility of the principal, in consultation with the Superintendent to determine the personnel needs of the individual schools. In addition, school councils may review personnel requirements as a means of evaluating the needs of a school. The School Committee must approve any recommendations for the creation or elimination of a position.

The search for good teachers and other certified employees will extend to a wide variety of educational institutions and geographical areas. It will take into consideration the characteristics of the city and the need for a heterogeneous staff from various cultural backgrounds.

Recruitment procedures will not overlook the talents and potential of individuals already employed by the school system. Any current employee may apply for any position for which he or she has certification and meets other stated requirements.

Openings in the schools will be posted in sufficient time, before the position is filled, to permit current employees to submit applications.