Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


The Brockton School Committee is committed to equitable access and fairness to all students including the following protected categories in all schools and programs under its jurisdiction: race, color, sex, religion, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, homeless status, or any other protected student category as defined by law. Generally, students will be required to attend school in the attendance area in which they reside, unless the Superintendent has granted special permission, or school location is determined by a students’ individualized educational plan [IEP].

Special permission may be granted for the following reasons:

  1. If the change involves an exceptional child, a hardship case, or if there are medical considerations.
  2. If the change appears to be in the interests of the child, of the schools, and for disciplinary and administrative reasons.
  3. If the legal residence of a child changes from one attendance area to another during the school year and the parents wish the child to remain in his former school; permission will not extend beyond the current school year.
  4. To permit secondary school students to take courses not offered in their assigned schools.

School bus transportation will not be provided for students attending schools outside their attendance area unless they can be accommodated on existing bus routes and schedules, or an exceptional child is involved; or unless specific permission is granted by the School Committee.

APPROVED/UPDATED: June, 1999; August, 2002; June, 2016

LEGAL REFS: M.G.L. 71:37C; 71:37D; 71:37I; 71:37J

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