Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


Parents will have the option to purchase a School Department issued bathing suit with the understanding it will be laundered at home, and the student will accept the responsibility for its cleanliness. In addition, failure to bring the properly laundered swimsuit to class will be considered as being unprepared for class, and action will be taken against the student consistent with established policies governing other courses at Brockton High School.

The School Committee further clarified the swimsuit regulations by including the following:

  1. Students are able to wear their own swimsuits for pool classes provided the suits are:

    1. Girls’ swimsuits: one piece, nylon or nylon/lycra (modest style, no low cut neckline or brief cut leg line)
    2. Boys’ swimsuits: boxer style, nylon or nylon/lycra (modest style, no cutoffs or gym shorts)
  2. Students may purchase a school department swimsuit from the physical education department.
  3. Students are responsible for laundering the swimsuit.
  4. Any student who could not afford his/her own swimsuit would be able to use a school-laundered swimsuit.
  5. Swimsuit policy would be included in the Student/Parent handbook.
  6. Students purchasing swimsuits will not be permitted to borrow a school issued swimsuit to fulfill swim class obligations. Failure to bring a properly laundered swimsuit to class will be viewed as being unprepared for class, and the student will be graded accordingly.
  7. A student purchasing a swimsuit must follow all rules and regulations that apply to students using school-laundered swimsuits.