Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


Student activities funds may be raised and spent to promote the general welfare, education and morale of all students and shall finance authorized activities of student organizations and the Brockton Public Schools.

Student activity funds are considered a part of the total fiscal operation of the School System, and therefore are subject to the policies and regulations established by the School Committee and the Office of the Superintendent.

The School Committee authorizes the establishment of interest bearing accounts for student activity funds. The municipal treasurer must hold such funds. Receipts must be deposited into the account controlled by the treasurer but the law does provide a mechanism for school principals to maintain a disbursing authority over certain student activity funds by establishing a "Student Activity Checking Account". M.G.L. Chapter 66 requires the principals to obtain a fidelity bond for the benefit of the municipality or district. The law further provides for the School Committee to determine for what purposes the interest earned on such funds may be used. Ultimately, all expenditures must go through the warrant process.

The law further states that the "principal shall adhere to such administrative procedures as the municipal or regional school district treasurer or accountant may prescribe. There shall be an annual audit of the student activity funds which shall be conducted in accordance with procedure as agreed upon between the School Committee and auditor based upon guidelines issued by the Department of Education."

Authorized clubs, organizations and other extracurricular groups within the schools may use school department facilities and equipment for fundraising if such use does not create an additional direct cost to the School System or does not conflict with school use. If additional cost is incurred, the club or organization shall pay such cost. If permission to use School Department facilities is granted, the building principal will make that decision.