Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


The Brockton Public Schools recognizes that the provisions of Chapter 222: An Act Relative to Student Access to Educational Services and Exclusion from School do not diminish any of the rights and protections afforded to eligible students under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Act [IDEA].

The provisions of Chapter 766 of the Acts of 1972 (M.G.L. chapter 71B and sections 37H, 37H '1-2, and 37H) with its attendant regulations found at 603 CMR 28.00, Section 338.0 and the provisions ofthe Individuals with Di sabilities Education Act (IDEA), (20 U.S.C. Chapter 33) as amended by P.L. 105-17 shall be implemented when disciplinary infractions are committed by students with disabilities or by students with Section 504 Accommodation Plans, as detailed in the Procedural Manual of the Brockton Public Schools and relevant DESE advisories.