Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


Supervision of Students:

School personnel assigned supervision are expected to act as reasonably prudent adults in providing for the safety of the students in their charge.

In keeping with this expected prudence, no teacher or other staff member will leave his/her assigned group unsupervised except as an arrangement has been made to take care of an emergency.

During school hours or while engaging in school-sponsored activities, students will be released only into the custody of parents or other persons authorized in writing by a parent or guardian.

Reporting to Authorities - Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect:

Any school official or employee shall report any suspected child abuse or neglect as required by M.G.L. Ch. 119, S 51A.

In accordance with the law, the School System shall establish the necessary regulations and procedures to comply with the intent of the Act consistent with the School System's responsibility to the students, parents, school personnel, and the community.

Student Safety:

Instruction in courses in technology education, science, family and consumer science, art, physical education, health, and safety will include and emphasize accident prevention.

Safety instruction will precede the use of materials and equipment by students in applicable units of work, and instructors will teach and enforce all safety rules set up for the particular courses. These include the wearing of protective eye devices in appropriate activities.

Safety on the Playground and Playing Field:

The School System shall provide safe play areas. Precautionary measures that the School System requires shall include:

  1. A periodic inspection of the school's playground and playing fields by the principal of the school and others as may be deemed appropriate;
  2. Instruction of students in the proper use of equipment;
  3. Supervision of both organized and unorganized activity.

Fire Drills

The Brockton Public Schools shall cooperate with the Brockton Fire Department in conducting fire drills.