Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


Dismissal of Pupils - Requests for dismissal before the close of school on any school day must be made by parent/guardian, in person or in writing.

Exceptions to this general rule are as follows:

It is not required to obtain the parents' permission to release a pregnant student from school for abortion related activities.

Whenever a police officer or court official arrive at a school with a warrant or a court order for arrest; or Department of Social Service requests related to a 51A claim (possible abuse/neglect).

No excuse shall be granted except for illness or other good and sufficient reason of which the principal or his/her designee shall be the judge.

Illness - In cases of illness that warrant the pupil being sent home by the principal, the parent/guardian or designated adult will be notified. The parent/guardian or adult will be responsible for providing transportation in such instances. If no responsible person can be contacted, the student shall remain in school.