Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


In order to provide for a safe learning environment, the Brockton School Committee shall require the following:

  1. All doors must be locked once the pupil day begins.
  2. All teachers and staff members will secure doors as they pass through them.
  3. Custodians will check doors periodically throughout the day.
  4. All visitors, including parents, central office staff and maintenance personnel must enter the front door, sign in and wear an identification badge.
  5. All Brockton School Department employees must be prepared to question anyone in a building who does not have an identification badge. Any such person should be escorted to the office.
  6. In the event that an intruder enters a building, each principal should arrange for a signal code which will indicate to staff members that an emergency exists and that they need to keep all children in their classrooms.
  7. The School Department will provide a picture identification which will be requested to be worn daily by every employee. This request is for the safety of all occupants of the building including the employee him/herself.